Friday, September 29, 2017

Kitchen Must Haves

When thinking about your dream kitchen what comes to mind? I am going to tell you all about my top five kitchen must haves!

My first cannot live without is all kinds of kitchen appliances- specifically double ovens. One of our current listings at Homestead & Co has brand new double ovens in the kitchen and every time I visit this property my heart skips a beat at the sight of those glorious baking machines. You cannot go wrong with having double ovens in your kitchen.

My second kitchen must have is an in pantry ice maker. Having to go to the gas station to buy a bag of leaky ice before a party is not ideal. This is why a must have in my kitchen is an in pantry ice maker.

My third must have in my kitchen is a walk in pantry. Does anyone else like to walk into their pantry and bask upon all the options that are displayed before them? Because I sure do! The luxury of a walk in pantry is one I will always give myself!

Fourth, I must have a pot filler above my stove. The ease a pot filler presents me is like none other! I never have to hold my cooking pot under the kitchen sink to fill it up and then lug it back to the stove when I need to bring water to a boil. One of Homestead & Co's active listings has a pot filler and we always get positive compliments about it!

Lastly, my fifth kitchen must have is hidden outlets. Does anyone else feel as if they are always needing to plug something into an outlet when they are in their kitchen? I charge my phone, I charge my laptop, I use my kitchen aid mixer and food processor, and it always seems to be that I need all of these things plugged in at once. By having hidden kitchen outlets, I am able to lift a set out of my island and plug in all my devices and machines at the same time. Then, when I am not using any of the outlets, I can easily hide them and create more space!

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