Monday, October 16, 2017

Trick or Treat Yourself

The first holiday of fall is in 15 days! That is right, Halloween is in 15 days-this is not a drill! Here at Homestead & Co we are trying to decide how to decorate our front office door for the holiday trilogy kickoff! We have some listings that have great front doors- perfect for decorating for Halloween. 

Are you a fan of trick or treaters or are you one of those that turn their front lights off and ignore all of the doorbell rings? No shame if you're not a fan of giving out candy to cute little kids, all dressed up to get some candy.... Come on, just hand out some candy and get in the holiday spirit! 

Us home decor obsessed individuals love to treat ourselves with the best of the best front porch Halloween Decor. What is your go-to style when decorating your front porch for halloween? Are you more rustic chic, let's put a hay bale and a pumpkin and a scarecrow out, or are you really into ghosts and goblins and scary looking spider webs? Both are great choices! I am going to share with you my favorite front porch decor options! Some scary, some sweet. You be the deciding factor on how you are going to prepare your front porch for those cute trick or treaters! 

Skelton Takeover [here]

Witches Brew [here]

Boo [here]

Fall Oasis [here]

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Down-Low on Pumpkin Decor

Hi guys! And Happy Thursday (almost Friday yay!)! Here at Homestead & Co, a hot topic of discussion is fall decor and the debate of whether fall decor needs to be colorful or neutral. In my opinion, neutral fall decor is where it is at right now-especially white pumpkins! We all know that the fall season is represented by all things pumpkin. There are pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin oreos, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin decor. The rustic interior of one our current listings has given me major fall decor inspiration! Decorating your home for the fall with pumpkins may sound basic but I know all the tips and tricks to make your pumpkin decor turn from drab to fab!

The blogger would is a great place to gain inspiration and of course, everyone's favorite, Pinterest, is where the majority of my ideas come from. First, let's ditch the average orange colored pumpkin- Let's paint our orange pumpkins white and go from there! Next, add fall greenery and flowers to cover the stems of the pumpkins- this makes the pumpkin look like a chic vause. Another way to rustic up your white pumpkins is to create a center piece for your dining room table with pumpkins and add the simple touch of deer antlers! I also like to style my white pumpkin decor on my coffee table by adding stems of cotton to give the display a little life!

My white pumpkin decor can be found all across my home- from the living room mantel, to my entry way table, to my counters in my kitchen, to my coffee table. The white coloring of the pumpkins is not loud by any means, making it possible to use them all around your home and it not feel like it is too much.

Below you can find my favorite inspirations for white pumpkin decor!

Antler and Pumpkin Center Piece [here]

Leaf and Pumpkin Kitchen Counter Arrangement [here]

 Neutral Cutting Board Decor [ here  ] 

 Pumpkin Vause [here]

 White Pumpkin Coffee Table Centerpiece [here]

 White Autumn Mantel [here]

 Pumpkin Floral Arrangement [here]

 Candle Holder [here]

 Neutral Thanksgiving Table [here]

Friday, September 29, 2017

Kitchen Must Haves

When thinking about your dream kitchen what comes to mind? I am going to tell you all about my top five kitchen must haves!

My first cannot live without is all kinds of kitchen appliances- specifically double ovens. One of our current listings at Homestead & Co has brand new double ovens in the kitchen and every time I visit this property my heart skips a beat at the sight of those glorious baking machines. You cannot go wrong with having double ovens in your kitchen.

My second kitchen must have is an in pantry ice maker. Having to go to the gas station to buy a bag of leaky ice before a party is not ideal. This is why a must have in my kitchen is an in pantry ice maker.

My third must have in my kitchen is a walk in pantry. Does anyone else like to walk into their pantry and bask upon all the options that are displayed before them? Because I sure do! The luxury of a walk in pantry is one I will always give myself!

Fourth, I must have a pot filler above my stove. The ease a pot filler presents me is like none other! I never have to hold my cooking pot under the kitchen sink to fill it up and then lug it back to the stove when I need to bring water to a boil. One of Homestead & Co's active listings has a pot filler and we always get positive compliments about it!

Lastly, my fifth kitchen must have is hidden outlets. Does anyone else feel as if they are always needing to plug something into an outlet when they are in their kitchen? I charge my phone, I charge my laptop, I use my kitchen aid mixer and food processor, and it always seems to be that I need all of these things plugged in at once. By having hidden kitchen outlets, I am able to lift a set out of my island and plug in all my devices and machines at the same time. Then, when I am not using any of the outlets, I can easily hide them and create more space!

Monday, February 13, 2017


Hi all,

We've worked with clients in the past that have been hesitant to pack things until they have a contract on their home. Today I decided to blog with a list of reasons we have the most success with clients that are willing to do the work before the contract gets signed.

 You're moving anyway. Let's get the ball rolling. Get a pod, get a storage, consider it a done deal. It will be less you need to pack later.

Your home will sell faster if a buyer can picture their items in the home and not be deterred by all your furniture, art, and grandma's afghans. 

 You aren't selling your items so it is actually important for the home buyer to see your HOME. Cluttered countertops take away from the countertop itself. Cluttered walls take away from that 
amazing paint color. 

It's easier to keep your home show ready when you have less stuff to keep ready. Picking up before showings can be a hassle when you have 349382409823 things to put away before the showing. Do yourself a favor and keep life simple during this time. 

Decluttering can feel good. You'll probably find that during the time you thought you would be stressed about not having all of your stuff that you would be more stressed. However, we often find that clients end up getting rid of stuff permanently because they realize they don't need as much stuff to live.

It's temporary. As soon as this baby sells, you can go back to being a pack rat.

I hope this info helps someone getting ready to list their home. At Homestead & Co we love to make the staging, listing,  and selling process of your home super simple.  Please give us a call to get listed in time for spring.



Monday, January 30, 2017

I'm not shelving this conversation...

Hi all,

Thanks for visiting my blog. This is something I've toyed with for awhile. I enjoy writing, real estate, and all things design. I needed an outlet to put some of these thoughts on, so here we are. My husband and I have opened a brokerage this year, Homestead & Co. We help clients buy, sell, and invest in their dream homes. On the side, we build our personal homes. He deals with contractors, budgets, and timelines. I deal with design, blowing his budget, and attempting to make my Pinterest boards come to life. We recently built our second home. I've found my passion exists in knowing that someone will one day love this home as much as I do. Here's what I've been up to this week.

Shelf decor-- let's be's a hassle. It's like, "What do you want to look at every day of your life?" For me, it's particularly tough because I suffer from a bit of OCD mixed with ADD. I get distracted easily and I can't stand when things are out of place. Here is what I've learned works for

1. Use things that actually make you happy. It's your home. You should love it.

2. Use family heirlooms or things that would otherwise be shoved into a cabinet never to be seen. Is Grandma's old canister set still wrapped in bubble wrap? Get er' out!

3. Less is more. Sometimes we tend to go overboard in these areas and really it's the simple things that often turn out the prettiest. 

4. Use this as a place to play with fun items you wouldn't normally choose. The globe in in the bottom left shelf was something I was nervous to put there for some reason. In the end, it's one of my favorite pieces on the shelves. It's the perfect pop of color.

5. Don't be scared of color if everything else is white. Don't be afraid of neutral if your shelves are bright colors. It makes the contrast all the more sweeter. 

I hope this helps anyone who may be struggling with interior decor and I didn't just bore you to death. Come back soon for more decor tips, crazy real estate stories, homes for sale in the OKC metro, and much more.