Monday, January 30, 2017

I'm not shelving this conversation...

Hi all,

Thanks for visiting my blog. This is something I've toyed with for awhile. I enjoy writing, real estate, and all things design. I needed an outlet to put some of these thoughts on, so here we are. My husband and I have opened a brokerage this year, Homestead & Co. We help clients buy, sell, and invest in their dream homes. On the side, we build our personal homes. He deals with contractors, budgets, and timelines. I deal with design, blowing his budget, and attempting to make my Pinterest boards come to life. We recently built our second home. I've found my passion exists in knowing that someone will one day love this home as much as I do. Here's what I've been up to this week.

Shelf decor-- let's be's a hassle. It's like, "What do you want to look at every day of your life?" For me, it's particularly tough because I suffer from a bit of OCD mixed with ADD. I get distracted easily and I can't stand when things are out of place. Here is what I've learned works for

1. Use things that actually make you happy. It's your home. You should love it.

2. Use family heirlooms or things that would otherwise be shoved into a cabinet never to be seen. Is Grandma's old canister set still wrapped in bubble wrap? Get er' out!

3. Less is more. Sometimes we tend to go overboard in these areas and really it's the simple things that often turn out the prettiest. 

4. Use this as a place to play with fun items you wouldn't normally choose. The globe in in the bottom left shelf was something I was nervous to put there for some reason. In the end, it's one of my favorite pieces on the shelves. It's the perfect pop of color.

5. Don't be scared of color if everything else is white. Don't be afraid of neutral if your shelves are bright colors. It makes the contrast all the more sweeter. 

I hope this helps anyone who may be struggling with interior decor and I didn't just bore you to death. Come back soon for more decor tips, crazy real estate stories, homes for sale in the OKC metro, and much more.