Monday, February 13, 2017


Hi all,

We've worked with clients in the past that have been hesitant to pack things until they have a contract on their home. Today I decided to blog with a list of reasons we have the most success with clients that are willing to do the work before the contract gets signed.

 You're moving anyway. Let's get the ball rolling. Get a pod, get a storage, consider it a done deal. It will be less you need to pack later.

Your home will sell faster if a buyer can picture their items in the home and not be deterred by all your furniture, art, and grandma's afghans. 

 You aren't selling your items so it is actually important for the home buyer to see your HOME. Cluttered countertops take away from the countertop itself. Cluttered walls take away from that 
amazing paint color. 

It's easier to keep your home show ready when you have less stuff to keep ready. Picking up before showings can be a hassle when you have 349382409823 things to put away before the showing. Do yourself a favor and keep life simple during this time. 

Decluttering can feel good. You'll probably find that during the time you thought you would be stressed about not having all of your stuff that you would be more stressed. However, we often find that clients end up getting rid of stuff permanently because they realize they don't need as much stuff to live.

It's temporary. As soon as this baby sells, you can go back to being a pack rat.

I hope this info helps someone getting ready to list their home. At Homestead & Co we love to make the staging, listing,  and selling process of your home super simple.  Please give us a call to get listed in time for spring.



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